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Thread: Moderate Alcohol Comsumption improve Cognition!!!111!1

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    Source: A Cited and Moderated Wikipedia Article!

    Research has demonstrated a positive association between moderate drinking and cognition or thinking ability. A study of 6,033 British civil servants who were followed an average of 11 years found that those who consumed at least one drink in the previous week, compared with those who did not, were significantly less likely to have poor cognitive function. The beneficial effect extended to those drinking more than 240 g per week (approximately 30 drinks). Higher levels of consumption were not investigated. [45] A three-year longitudinal study of several hundred men in the Netherlands found that low-to-moderate alcohol drinking was associated with a significantly lower risk for poor cognitive function than abstaining. [46] A large prospective study that examined the effects of alcohol consumption on men 18 years later found that non-drinkers and heavy drinkers had the poorest cognitive ability. Moderate alcohol consumption was associated with the highest cognitive performance later in life.(82) [47] A longitudinal study in France found that, among the women studied, moderate alcohol consumption was associated with higher cognitive function. Moderate drinkers were 2.5 times more likely to receive the highest cognitive ability scores than were abstainers. [48]
    Two recent studies have added to the evidence that drinking in moderation is associated with better cognitive ability. Researchers in Australia studied 7,485 people age 20 to 64. They found that moderate drinkers performed better than abstainers on all, measures of cognitive ability. [49]
    So guys, in light of the fact that correlation (between moderate alcohol consumption AND improved/good cognition) does not necessarily imply or guarantee or deduce causality (moderate alcohol consumption causes good/improved cognition), you think that this in an example of causality?

    If so, all I have to say is ... Huzzah!
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    So the logical conclusion, based on the most recent evidence is that Australian abstainers are thick.


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