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Thread: best trackers for mac software?

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    I'm looking for a decent tracker for mac apps. The public trackers seem to have very little, and often they have 0/low seeds. I used to use demonoid which was okay, and oink was abolutely fantastic with even the more obscure smaller aps such as garagesale available. However as we all know, neither are still operating

    So can anyone recommend a decent tracker for me?

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    Brokenstones is good, also both waffles and both have mac app categories

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    You are right, but as far as I know, Brokenstones is the best for mac appz

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    thanks for the replies guys, i guessed and might be good places, but i hadnt heard of brokenstones.

    at the moment all 3 are full/invite only, but it looks like brokenstones and do accept registrations from time to time so I guess ill just have to keep 'em peeled!

    Thanks again!

    EDIT: Just tried brokenstone again, and this time i noticed theres a place to request an invite, however I cant seem to get the URL to ( to work. Im on safari, anyone think of a reason why this might not be working?
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    1st place : brokenstones, 2nd is macnbits

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    you can not beat brokenstones it is the absolute best for mac apps!

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    Seems like brokenstones is the one to try for, anyone know if i'm actually likely to be able to sign-up, or should i start whoring someplace for an invite?

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    alright mate the broken stones invite site is down, apparently they wont be opening sign up for a while... so you will have to start doing the latter!

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    If, like me, you're not registered with BrokenStones you might like to give mac-torrents a try.

    Iit looks like quite a new tracker with a fairly simple website and only just got it's forum.

    There seems to be a pretty good list of games and applications and the seed rates seem pretty good.

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