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Thread: Riaa Searcheable Subpoena List On Eff

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    Hi people.
    I just heard that EFF had its searchable data base enabled. I went there and read that it only had list about 125 subpoenas (up to July 8) so far. I literally went through and typed up every name in that list (yes, I don't have a lot of time, but I'm a freak) and most of them went through. EXCEPT the last one on the list:

    Hah! Now I know it wasn't me! LOL. You can find out too if you think you have that default name. Did you use Kazaa under that name before July 8? If so, then you're not on it. But if you used Kazaa under that name after the 8, then you may be on it, but you just can't search the records yet. But I really think that the last was put their TO SCARE PEOPLE.

    Look at these songs on here (taken from a real page):

    Most of these songs are what I think the only ones they searched for and as stated stand for "reprensentive" samples. I think this means they only search for artists names, as I saw Michael Jackson, Michelle Branch, Avril LaVigne, and even Madonna were present on most of the subpoenas I viewed. So, if you have songs by these people, they're probably using these as the hot list by searching for them the most.
    (Most of the artists that were present were:
    -Michael Jackson
    -Norah Jones
    -Michelle Branch
    -Busta Rhymes
    -Avril LaVigne

    This person, known as the infamous Playgirlmama@kazaa has an IP address of: and is under the service provider of Pac Bell.

    Most of these people were caught on the 26, 27 and 28 of June. Wow, the RIAA did start early.

    Most of the ISPs were Pac Bell, AT&T, Adelphia, Charter Communications, and Comcast. I found one Road Runner too.

    Soon eff will have a searchable IP address too. I'll rest more easier when I use that.

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    Well, whoever that person is, she/he is on a Cox Communications (Runs through their routers, if you do a tracert) network. Too bad Cox gives information out when the complaints roll in, if they have it ofcourse. I have a feeling that the RIAA will most likely contact Cox first, even though they don't track router usage.


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