Hey all,

I dont normally do this kind of thing, but a friend of mine who I used to hang around his site all the time just opened his new tracker. He used to own torrent vision but closed it and created a all4nothin.net, I owe him big time for helping out when I was getting used to torrents and what not so Im paying back my debt...wrote a review of the site link is at the bottom.

They are in need of uploaders as they only have about 5 uploaders with 100/100 or 10/10 from what I noticed browsing around.

They have a very cool staff and just a nice community. From talking to him he says he wants to turn it to uploaders only, because as of right now he allows all users to upload just because it is just a month old.

If you are interested, and have a good upload speed, just sign up to the site and pm me with your username and Ill let him know that you have the speed and are willing to upload.

please also pm me a speedtest dated 12/28/07 or later.



Currently Has Open signups

Thanks guys and enjoy.