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Thread: Cpu Fan

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    I replace my old cpu with a retail box AMD 3000+. The fan that came with the setup souds like a runaway express train. The fan gota speed control and at the moment it is at its lowest setting of 3000 rpm and can go to over 5000. Is it normal ? Is there fans that is more quiet than others?

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    there are quieter fans. you could prolly get away with using a lower RPM fan if you install a bigger, more effective heatsink on the CPU. or look for a heatsink that doesn't require a fan... not sure how common those are, but i'm sure they do exist.

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    Thanx for the info, i'll give it a try. What make of fan will be the best for the job

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    you could try water-cooling, but if it ever leaks...

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    i suggest getting a thermaltake fan cuz they are the best fans in the business and they are very quiet but if u want to a totally quiet envoirment and got money to spend get a liquid cooling system and it wont leak but the only to make sure is to get it installed by a professional.

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    Here's what I run on my air-cooled system. The best out there, but it's a bit pricey.

    It's a Thermalright SLK 900-A Cost 35.00$ without a fan. Weighs half a kilo too!


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