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Thread: my pc has been hijacked - HELP

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    Hi, i dl some codecs today and since then my pc has been out of my control, firstly the 'embvl' (or something like that) toolbar has been continuously showing on my IE7 (in XP PRO) and i keep getting these messages that my pc is under attack, or another message that i have spyware on my pc, then 3 icons appear on my desktop for anti spyware software but they are not. i am currently in safe mode running 'spyware terminator' for the 2nd time but it doesnt seem to have a major effect, i have also run spybot (half a scan then stopped it) but that wasnt too good either. please please help!! what can i do, i only done a fresh install yesterday and now this!!
    PS, when i bring up my home page 'google', just above the main google word, sometimes this yellow bar appears, where it usually says 'active x controllers' or something to that effect, but instead of that it says 'your pc maybe infected, dl anti spyware now click here'.
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    If you just formated and reinstalled windows yesterday, you don't have much to loose. Do it again today. Some hostile programs can be very difficult to find, and format would be much faster in some cases.

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    Broken, I LOVE the new avatar

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    Try Bleeping Computer's Tutorials. They should be of some help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broken View Post
    If you just formated and reinstalled windows yesterday, you don't have much to loose. Do it again today. Some hostile programs can be very difficult to find, and format would be much faster in some cases.

    Probably the best idea and install Firefox and better security programs .

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    Hard to believe shit is still being hijacked even with G Dubya on the job.

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    Make sure you have an antivirus and firewall program installed (Mcafee, Nortons, etc), I would also recommend installing, ccleaner (formely crap cleaner),Hijack this, CW Shredder, Spybot Search and Destroy, Spyware Guard and Spyware Blaster, and Lavasoft's Ad aware SE (Use the ad watch real time moniter). Firstly though, do a reformat of XP(Quick format). To save you from deeper unneeded problems arising later on. For codecs, use the combined community project codec vs Klite Mega pack (Unless you really know what your doing). For xvid, get (koepi v 1.2). That should help. Also go with Firefox vs IE 7 which is terrible now (Due to spymare, Malware, Trojans, etc). Or if you must have IE 7 (Disable All Add-ons) keep the default toolbar and windows. Use google to find all mentioned programs.
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    Try the best Spyware Sweeper and Spybot. They work like charm and detects most of the spyware and removes it. Moreover you can stop or disable the messenger service from your services window. Start > Run > services.msc

    This service some time helps to communicate with the times.
    I am proud to be a part of this communities.

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    I would suggest that all of the above are wrong and that you have some trojans

    I suggest you download Trojan Remover and run it. It has a free one month trial.

    I have used it on several machines full of pop ups, suggestions that you have viruses etc and it works like a treat.

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    Sounds like the Smitfraud virus.

    Check that site out, it's got some instructions to see if it is or not. And, how to remove it including tools to do it.
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