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Thread: OOOPS

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    Sorry about the double post......

    This is the proper world for this post its software related
    while the other is KL related tips.

    Geesh dont you hate it when someone learns how to insert
    pics and uses them in the wrong situation.

    Relax shn you can dl some ritalin from my shared folder if u need it brother

    Peace brotherdoobie

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    Optimize Your Disk
    Is not the wrong forum ,this is software world ,i think is ok.

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    Post your tips brotherdoobie and i'll edit the topic title on this one.

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    Hello all.
    I have decided to post a tip or two a day in differnt sections of the
    forum to aid fellow KL addicts.

    Some are simple keyboard shortcuts and others are more complex
    depending on how lazy I am that particular day.
    besides simple tips are highly underated!

    I have been using computers since the early 90's
    and the internet since 95.
    I love to learn and try to learn something new everyday
    (most days.... remeber I am prone to lazyness)

    You can learn some amazing things by listening,reading and searching
    Google and joining forums.

    Listen to others every once in awhile It doesnt have to hurt
    swallow your pride.
    Remember there is always someone smarter than you out there

    Optimize Your Disk

    Windows XP places your most commonly used files on the faster sections
    of your hard drive to minimize load times.
    However it only does it every three days.

    If you want to do it instead go to start>Run then type Rund1132.exe
    You should notice hard drive activity as your apps are rearanged on
    your disk.

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    The Windows key

    Windows key + Pause/breakpens Systems Properties
    Windows key + d: Minimizes all windows
    Windows key + l:Locks your workstation
    Windows key + epens Windows Explorer
    Windows key + rpens the Run dialog
    Windows key + fpens the search Window

    If some of these tips are something you know or seem simple
    remember we were all noobs at one time.

    Peace brotherdoobie B)


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