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Thread: High-Ratio User Requests Waffles Invite

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    Like most of you, I still find myself seriously missing OiNK and am desperately seeking some comfort in a new tracker. If you have a Waffles invite available, I promise I will take *VERY* good care of it.

    I am one who always maintains high ratios. In fact, I had an almost-unheard-of 4.2 ratio on OiNK, with a 250GB buffer (!) when it went down.

    I have screencaps including OiNK and several ultra-high-end private trackers that I can send you for proof.

    PM me please! Thanks a lot!!!
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    "ultra-high-end private trackers"

    level 11 maybe?!?!?

    i got a couple invites but i never know when waffles will actually let me invite someone

    edit: it looks like they may be open right now, pm me your email and ill hook you up.

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    Any chance of getting a invite too? It would be awesome!


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