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Thread: The Chelsea Shopping List

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    Chelsea's Shopping List

    this is great - no holds barred purchasing bring all kinds of players to England..well Chelsea at least, it would have been nice to see Raul in England

    at least no-one can complain Chelsea are just Italian now
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    One has to ask, when they are offering such high figures and presumably commensurate salaries / signing on fees, that top players are not going.

    Two possible reasons spring to mind.

    1. They don't want to work for a gangster.

    2. The club is still crap.

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    71 million god dam...

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    Originally posted by MetroStars@26 July 2003 - 14:42
    71 million god dam...
    25m a year + sponsorship + advertising + bonuses for a certain M Schumacher

    that's over 500,000 a week!
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    that&#39;s over 500,000 a week&#33;
    What could u do that much money every week...


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