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Thread: Some of my desigens

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    Hi every one im photoshopin about 2 monthes and this is some of my designes i had more but i formtaed my cup so this is the onley ones i saved

    pICTURE #1

    Picture #2

    Picture #3

    well this is the onley ones i saved ill make more in time

    please make ur apiniete on my designes

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    1. ok emotional?
    2 ok but textcomposition fukd (pan right)., line thru head?
    3. the slyser title reminds of cheese doodles

    you asked

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    yup, borders are waay too fancy, its like black line, then white lines, then huuge shadow, wtf?? keep it simple, simple black 1px line often does it perfectly....

    the text is tooo fancy.. like huuuge gloowing yellow orange text? wtf? usualy, if you see proffesional work, they try hiding it as much as they can, the point of a sig is not to show ur name.. but ur work

    as 100% said, line thorough head?? also, get isnt blended in pic at all...

    but yea, if you take those criticism well, you will get way better =]

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    i thotgh nr 2 was the nicest and u schould listen to Ph0x seems that he knows what he is talking about...
    Need invite for :
    bitmetv , -iPlay

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    dude u need to practice some englishin too with your photoshopin
    " Verba Volant Scripta Manent "

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    The text needs 2 be fixed some way

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    Some of the designs are nice but the text effects, shadowing, etc are alittle off. Good luck though photoshop is fun.

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