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Thread: Dreamweaver 6.1

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    its on suprnova is this jus MX or a new version?


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    The first version that was shipped as Dreamweaver MX was 6.0. There were a few bugs in it, so they released a 6.1 updater.

    It could be anything - The updater (available at anyway), the version of Dreamweaver from Studio MX Plus, a boxed version of 6.1 that Macromedia probably replaced 6.0 with (unlikely IMO), or someone's just updated a cracked version of DW with 6.1.

    Either way - Try it out if you want. It'll be a few MB (I'd say around 50-150MB - Not sure though)

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    ok cheers i mite try it

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    Dapadipz if u mage 2 DL it make sure u let us all know what it is...

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    ye jus finished what i was downloadin so il start downloadin DW 6.1 now

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    its just the same as mx really. no visible change

    the file comes with the 6.1 trial and a patch to make it full

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    Oh well thanks for letting us know Dapadipz...


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