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Thread: Apologies (Disabled from Bittorrent Invites). Please read.

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    It really was stupid of me, now that I'm reflecting on it. I received 5 infraction points.

    I received 2 for hostile posting (called someone a name, though he was being one).

    Another one for wanting to trade for a TL account. Then another one for trying to trade a TL account (wasn't really thinking and forget about it)

    And the last one was because I wanted to give my TL passkey to help someone with their ratio. What was wrong with that? I know you can't trade accounts, but I wasn't trading nor was it an account. I was trying to do a nice thing for someone. After all, TL is a good site and being disabled for a low ratio would be mortifying for me.

    Apparently you can't give away passkeys either.

    So what am I asking? I'm asking for my privileges to be restored.

    The rule was you couldn't trade torrentleech accounts. It was a passkey, not an account. Second, I wasn't trading it. I was giving it away. People have given / requested TL accounts with no problems, so I shouldn't have had a problem either.

    I won't ever do that again. After my second infraction for TL I decided to be careful and not write anything about accounts. I wrote about giving away a passkey, so I thought I was fine, that it wasn't against any rules. I was wrong. I'll have nothing to do with TL in the trade section, no matter what.

    I love this community. It's great and there are the nicest people, but I find the nicest people are in the Bittorrent Invites section. There are so many giveaways and people expect nothing in return. I want to be a part of that.

    This was long. I don't expect anyone to read it. But I'd really like a mod to, and hopefully he or she will restore my privileges.

    I lost my Bittorrent Invite Privileges. It wasn't for anything bad, just my accumulation of infraction points. I think the last infraction point I received was unfair, so I'm requesting that my privileges be restored.

    Heh. A second after I posted this my invite privileges were restored. Obviously no one read it (since it really was like 1 second) so someone did this by their own accord. I think it was a mod who PMed me. Thank you so much. I learned my lesson.
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    While this is totally off topic, I do think more people need to learn to chuck a little summary onto the end of a long post. I do love them so much.

    Someone invite me to fsc please

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    Welcome. I'm starting to do this now.


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