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Thread: Giving Away Account That Can Win 100 Referrals

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    I know this isn't a torrent invite but steam accounts have been given here, etc, so I hope that this account can be given also.
    If it's not allowed I'll close it. Just tell me (talking to mods of course).

    Information: is a site where you click ads and earn money. It sucks, I hate it but some people use it. If you get referrals then you earn money. Cashout is minimum 10 dollars. You also need Paypal. is the site, just go there for more information.

    Since this is an account, people with accounts aren't going to need this obviously, so if you're thinking of starting an account take this one.

    You need to be able to use Paypal (since that's the only way you can get the money)

    No PMs please

    The Giveaway:
    One account that I made that is entered in a drawing on January 1st for 100 referrals. It has no money on it, but it's just entered so you have a chance to get the 100 referrals (you have to solve a really hard puzzle to be able to get in)

    Or why don't I just give away the answer to someone in a PM so they can get it to their account?
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    HEhe if you're in the giveaway spirit, I'd like the answer

    edit: just read the question there, all I need to do is to tell the numbers of the same corner on all the cubes? if its so its pretty easy :?
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    A bit harder than that. But I pmed you the answer.

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    nvm i already have one .
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