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Thread: cant find anything on usenet ...

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    i have been hearing for some time now about how great usenet is, and how bad bit torrent is, so i have signed up to giganews and have been on it with newsbin.

    lured in by talk of great content, great speeds, etc etc. well the speed is great, but as far as i can tell there is simply nothing worth downloading.

    i have downloaded lots of film and movie group headers, which has taken 12+ hours @ 8mbs (ie i have downloaded a lot), and what do i have ?

    a few films i have never heard of, a few rubbish films, a million requests that are all the same, and maybe 2 mediocre films worth watching.

    am i doing something wrong here ? or is there really just nothing out there ?

    mininova etc maybe slow, but at least you could find what you wanted most of the time.

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    The easier way is of using usenet is to download NZBs which is like a torrent file, telling the newsreader what to download. - Our index of NZBs - a nzb search engine

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    don't forget about

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    ok thanks, i tried that, for example im looking for the movie pans labyrinth.

    it returned this result :

    HOROR GERMAN ] - [069/126] - "Pans Labyrinth (Deluxe Edition, 3 DVDs)_DVD(DVDRiP).Deutsch-German.avi.wmv" yEnc (1/4)


    , then i tried subscribing the this group ^^ but the newsreader doesnt have it, and i have refreshed the list ....

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    It takes a little looking, and learning what you are seeing,
    for a dvd copy I would try result #15, though it is in PAL format.

    For an AVI copy I would download #36

    the one you are looking at is obviously in german, so unless you speak german....

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    Usenet must be good. Heard alot of good things about it. Might have to jump on the bandwagon.

    Excuse Me?
    Didn't Think So!

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    Just did a search with for labyrinth this is what I got
    Title: Labyrinth (1986) Status: Normal Progress: In Progress More Info: NFO: No NFO attached. Poster: (230781)
    Browse Reports from this Poster
    Browse Files from this Poster Editor: bowhuntr
    Browse Reports by this Editor Reported: Tuesday 01 Jan 2008, 08:36PM UTC (19 hours ago) (before upload finished) Posted: Started: 28 hours ago, finished: 17 hours ago, duration: 10h 4m 16s
    Approx upload speed: 149.1KB/sec Size: 109 files, 109 data, 0 recovery
    Encoded: 5,280.5MB data + 0.0B recovery = 5,280.5MB total
    Decoded: 5,069.3MB data + 0.0B recovery = 5,069.3MB total (estimated) Newsgroups: alt.binaries.dvd, alt.binaries.ftd Attributes: Category: Movies
    Video Source: DVD
    Video Format: DVD
    Video Genre: Action/Adv, Family, Fantasy, Musical
    Language: English
    Audio Format: AC3/DD
    Stats: 37 views, 0 comments

    Sorry just noted you were looking for Pans Labyrinth not
    Labyrinth just ignore my previous message.
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    Newsgroups require a bit of investment on your part to work.

    First you need a news provider: giganews, newshosting(who I am with), and others, price about $14/month for unlimited.

    Second you need a newsreader, I like newsleecher. If you pay for it you get a search engine with 200 days retention. Then you search for what you want and download it.

    If you take those steps, you should have a great time in newsgroups.

    I think some news providers even offer a free version of newsleecher with a subscription.

    It is all there, I get every single tv shows I watch, from North America, and the UK off the newsgroups, to the point I canceled cable TV.


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    If you are getting slow speeds with giganews, odds are you are being throttled by your ISP, in which case you will have to pay the extra 5 or so dollars for SSL encryption. Oh and by the way.. stay away from any file with the extension .avi.wmv especially if the poster is the king of spam miloch

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