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Thread: Duke Nukem Forever Will Be Promoted Using BitTorrent

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    Duke Nukem Forever Will Be Promoted Using BitTorrent

    The PC game ĎDuke Nukem Foreverí has been in production for 10 years so one way or another, it mustíve cost the developers a small fortune. However, as 3D Realms have decided to release their latest teaser on BitTorrent, distribution of their advertising content by this method will be reduced to zero.

    Using BitTorrent will allow them to distribute the promotional material for nothing, direct to their target audience of PC-owning, tech-savvy gamers, with a scalability to tackle even the most ridiculously hyped product at just a momentís notice. And if it all goes horribly wrong, thereís no financial cost to the distributor as it didnít cost anything in the first place - an ideal position for a company advertising a product for 10 years and getting no sales, for example.

    Those who prefer to view their video through a small grainy box while running up bandwidth costs (and ad revenue) for YouTube, can. While BitTorrent users can get their video in all its intended HD glory from mininova.

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    I saw the teaser on 3DGamers Duke Nukem is like the Die Hard of video games.


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    Good idea to do it via BiTorrent

    if more people did this, maybe the traffic shaping etc on the BT protocol would have users up in arms to relax so they can get it and see?


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