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    If anybody could give me a BH invite id appreciate it. Im not going to go on some long speech about why I need it or some ridiculous drama because I need it for the greater good. Jist of it is I need it because I want it. I can post a ratio proof or speed test if necessary. So if anybody is out there sitting on a invite wondering who to give it to. . . it's me.


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    Looking for BH. PM me.

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    If you want a hungarian tracker you would have more chance with ncore i have seen many BH threads fail then again i'm not the one to say you my be the lucky few . invites were given fairly recent at ncore and it has more stuff acording to the review i don't know the differences because i'm not a member of BH sorry no i don't have any invites at either tracker i'm only new myself at ncore.
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