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Thread: A Quick ?

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    I need to reformat me harddrive. but the computer i bought did not come with a win xp disk so how will i get an OS back on my computer.I bought it from best buy,and the only thing it had is a recovery drive? (Sorry im a noob when it comes to this stuff.)

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    um im pretty sure if you reformat and have the recovery disk in it it should load up win XP with all the stuff on there that it had before...thats why its called a recovery disk...put it in and it should work BUT before you do it you should prob check with the manufactuer...I HATE RECOVERY DISK...its impossible to have a clean whipe of to OS....thats why i loove dell and gateway
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    You could always download a copy of Windows XP from K-Lite and install that on your machine...

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    i dont have a recorvey disk i said it had another drive called recovery. and there is no need to be rude i said i was a noob at this kinda stuff.

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    If you do replace your harddrive and intend to replave it with a a recovery disk, only change the harddrive and nothing else because if alternate compnents are detected it may fail to boot.


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