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Thread: Is Araditracker Down???

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    Ive been trying to access araditracker for the last 24 hours and cant get on. The page starts to load and then tiomes out. Does it on my phone (miniopera), IE on all 5 of my computers, firefox and even at my friends place I cant get it to work. Ontop of that all my torrents im seeding, the trackers have gone offline. Araditracker is the only site I use and Im getting so anoyed that I cant access it!
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    The site is being repaired so you're not alone

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    Yeah I saw that too. Sleepy whered ya get that info about being repaired?

    I wanna get an invite to TL now that aradi is down. Anybody know the best way to go about that? Long time aradi member
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    Yes, where did you hear it was being repaired? Why did it need to be repaired? Any Estimated time till fixed? Many forum users might reconise me, I do a fair bit of commenting and forum talk

    meow_cat - aradi knight - ratio 3.07 (havnt been able to increase back to my average of 5 since the trackers have been offline for seeding GRRRRRRRRR

    If anybody knows when it will be back online, i would love to know.

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    How long will it take to fix well how long is a bit of string?

    The information is in their irc channel

    @jkj you can't get into TL they have switched off invites that comment alone shows how much you appreciate the work that is involved and put into a tracker.

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    don't ask for invites until you have access to the invites section


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