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Thread: Got Any Tips For Downloads?

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    What do people use to speed up there downloads? when i download a video file and i see other users download, there speed is so fast mine takes over 12 hours to download sometimes more and i am using high speed internet. I want to know what you are all using to get that fast speed.

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    Personally, I use whatever tip I've found useful in this forum...
    So it might be smart to scavenge through the posts.
    But then again, I do notice that it's not always a surefire way to speed things up.

    The one about the ports (changing the port in kazaa's options), and the one where you go into your traffic-window to do a "search more sources" on every source rather than on the filename have helped me out a great deal, and there are more tips out there that might help, depending on your setup....

    But like said, there still are some slow downloads.

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    one time i was d/ling a video at the same time my friend was....except he was d/ling MUCH faster than i asked him for the IP of the supernode he was on (i was on a diff. one) so I connected to the supernode he was on.....instant speed up

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    yes using kazupernodes helps alot too. connect to the one nearest you.

    in future, post your questions in the questions section and not in the tips section.



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