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Thread: Copying Files To Cd

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    I am using Nero Rom 5 and i want to know how i can convert a avi file into a vcd so i can burn it to cd. Does anyone know how that can be done?

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    i think u have to convert it to a .mpg -- i use EasyCD Creator5 but it says it can only use .mpg's-- so i think thats what you have to do

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    Hi there,

    To convert avi's to vcd or svcd you have to use some sort of encoding program. I personally use Dvd2svcd, this program is for converting dvd's but it also has an option for converting avi's. The program will then change into avi2svcd. You have to use an encoder with this program, the best one is the Cinema Craft Encoder. You can find Dvd2svcd here: Doom9. The Cinema Craft Encoder can be found on Kazaa. After the conversion from avi to svcd you have have some bin/cue files. Open these with Daemon Tools (can be found on Kazaa or through a link on Doom9) and use a cd-copyprogram like Nero. There are good guides to be found on Doom9 and Dvdr-help.

    Greetz, D!mensio_X

    By the way, you can also find all the needed program's by searching in Kazaa for D!mensio_X

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    I Have a problem when converting divx .avi movies into vcd. The audio and video are not synchronised and the audio comes first with nero

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    Follow the link in my sig to make sure that audio stayes sync. Well usually


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