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Thread: Last Request.

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    Either a Czone or BitHumen. If anybody could give me an invite to either one I will have all the trackers I need. No I wont be back tomorrow asking for anything or the next day (unless one of the trackers gets shut down). I will though be back 3 or 4 months from now with giveaways. So as a new year request I'd really be grateful if anybody can give me a invite to one of those trackers, not both, just one.

    "Let us celebrate this new year with wine and sweet words and with a Czone or BH invite!"
    -Some old scholar

    Somthing you never hear: "Honey! I'm pregnant I have a gun and im killing all three of us" "Whoah! calm down have some dip"

    Somthing you never see: A Rolls Royce with a bumper sticker that says "Shit happens"

    Ratio proof if neccessary.

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    Looking for BH. PM me.


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