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Thread: Drug Wars | Game Tips

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    Calling every 1 who plays the Drug Wars game, does any 1 have any tips, as i suck at being a drug dealer.. the most money i have made is 9000 bucks... which is pretty bad...

    So plz give me sum tips on what's the best drug(s) 2 buy...

    any help/advice would b Appreciated

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    When I used to play, coke, I think it was, used to be the best, I think, maybe it was's been awhile. You either make a lot out of it, or fail miserably. LSD was also successful for me. I think I'll start playing again.

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    Dude u should... the new drug wars is amzing..

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    it must be, the last time I played it was great...i'll get started playing this as soon as I can

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    Just start by making profit with the smaller costing drugs. Then work your way up. Always listen out for the drug busts so you know what is going to be really expensive the next day (so you want to buy it on your current day to make profit). I swear I'm not a drug dealter

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    always carry a little excess ecstacy (one is enough), then if you get caught by police, give yourself up

    you almost always get a tip in the station

    and coke is a big time drug, you can make a lot on that

    heroin can be good too...
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    Thanks 3rd gen Noob and Agent Smart.. those where good tips...

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    oh thankz but it was tight when i fond 10 cocaines

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    I just started playing this, fappin gr8 little game. We should get some board members together and form a KLF cartel&#33;&#33;

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