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Thread: Unreal Ii: The Awakening

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    Does anyone have Unreal II?

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    i got it

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    could u email me a iso of it?

  4. Games   -   #4
    u mean the hash

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    no an iso or image of it

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    it wont fit in ur email its 2 big

    if u have an FTP server i can upload it 2 u

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    o i dont have an ftp server. im broke and cant pay 4 it. like cute ftp

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    if u got a fast connection search for a topic on this forum called private bt trackerthen join that forum and then request it on there and ill seed it for u

    P.S. only if u got a fast connection

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    i run on a fast cable connection. alost anything i download is 1.5 mbps. where is this furom

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    search on this forum for "private bt tracker" and read that thread to find more info ask there for address and then join im a member there so i can seed it for u

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