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Thread: utorrent port opening

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    i recently had to reset my modem and in doing so i have lost the open port that i had for utorrent i got as far as add port but then it wanted name and udp and some other abreviation and that was me beat so can someone help me out i hate that little red thingy on utorrent

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    Perhaps your Router is listed on

    They have guides on how to port forward for various routers.

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    Type or into the address bar of your browser, that will take you into the router settings. If not one of those then you'll need to find out the LAN address of the router.

    Look in the DHCP Client list, that will give you the LAN address of computers using that router.

    Then go into Virtual Servers. Input the port uTorrrent is using and the LAN address of the machine you want it forwarded to. Bearing in mind you will have to tell uTorrrent not to randomize the port it is using.

    Enable the setting and apply it.

    In the example below the port has been forwarded to the machine at

    The specifics may be different for your router, but the method will be pretty much the same.

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    oh...thanks for it

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