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Thread: Requesting Punk Instrumentals

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    If you know of any good hardcore or punk instrumental songs, please list the artist and song title.
    These are a few I have already

    Operation Ivy - Bank Shot
    mXpX - The Theme Fiasco
    NOFX - Flossing a Dead Horse

    I'd like more punk and hardcore more than pop punk or ska stuff. Thanx

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    Have you heard of Bgiwig? You will now.
    Bigwig - Alone in New Jersey
    Bigwig - Girl in the Green Jacket
    Bigwig - jerk

    Thrice - Ultra Blue
    Thrice - Deadbolt
    Thrice - To awake and avenge the dead
    Thrice - Beltsville Crucible

    Nofx - Dinosaurs will die awesome song

    AFI - Dream of Waking

    If you like 'em, tell me

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    a few of those were not instrumental

    bigwig - girl in the green jacket
    nofx - dinosours will die

    I know bankshot by op ivy has a few yelled lyrics. but by instrumental i mean no words or lyrics. just music.
    Thanks for the suggestions of some good tunes.

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    check out some Fugazi instrumentals, like Brendan #1, Arpeggiator or Combination Lock.

    Fugazi are also a great punk band if ya don't listen already.


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