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Thread: Dragon Ball Fan's?

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    HI, I am one of the dragon ball's( of course i meant dragon ball Z) fan.
    I have seen all dragonball z episodes by now for about 5 times. i downloaded entire collection and i also have some movies of it.

    could anybody tell what's news on dragonball.
    what are better links to get more information on dragonballs? who is making it and what is there official website?
    when are new dragonball z episodes coming out?
    what is the better way to find out about dragonball z movies.

    anything about dragon ball!! write down anything you want. B)

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    after Dragon Ball GT, it's done, the end. there will be no more.

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    is GT already translated to english?? loonnnnggggg time not checked

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    I know Wal-Mart has started to carry the GT series and Amazon as well. Not sure if they are on Kazaa yet or not.

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    Next year FOX wanna make a movie called DRAGONBALLZ

    Just wait ... I get more info .

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    Im happy there is notting else from GT cuz it was getting worse and worse....

    If that movie is released, i hope they dont screw things up, but in the End they Will...

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    Search for it because I posted heaps of ibfo on the movie a week ago. Yes the GT English episodes are out, d/l them from

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    Well you have Dragonball, which is out, DBZ, which is out, and dbgt which is out.

    They have DragonballZ: Budouki 2 Coming out soon for playstation 2. Legacy of goku 2 just came out for gameboy advanced. They are talking about a real dragonball z movie coming out with real people in it, but they haven't confirmed it yet. Movie 8 broly is coming out the 26 of august. Ultimate battle 22 is now available.

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    yup, in england they have finished GT (dubbed) i belive, i watched the first ep and couldnt bare to watch anymore (especialy after the way z ended)

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    there is more dbz after gt there is going to be af

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