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Thread: Ftn + Giveaway

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    i'm asking for FTN invite
    it's my wish to be an FTN user
    So if someone can give me a Free FTN invite
    i will thank him a lot
    i Decided That Tho only Tracker i Need is FTN--------<-----------------------------------
    because their are very good speeds------------------------------------------------------ |
    and a lot of torrents------------------------------------------------------------------------|
    + im giving all my trackers because im not using tham any more the reason is here ---
    PM me please

    The Giveaway:
    PT PowerUser 50 upload - Prio
    Thors PowerUser 30 upload
    TR User 20 upload
    Snowtigers acc fresh - predateur
    2 ratio proffs and speedtest

    sorry about my english
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    no ftn for traders...
    " Verba Volant Scripta Manent "

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    Thx mate, and wish you good luck with your REQ
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    Vectoral FTW!

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    Hi m8.
    Great to see you decided to giveaway trackers you dont use...
    Can i please Have PT or if thats not possible then Snowtigers.
    Ratioproofs are on the way.
    Thanx and good luck to get what you wish
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    hy brosh i think this one is excellent giweaways!!! I hope you can get what you want!!!
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    i need pT pls..i need much.. happy new year.. i 'm a good userr and seeder.. thx my ratio prroof and speed tes.. in my sig

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    good luck man i believe you will find a man how send you invite on FTN but i can have your PT acc?


    If you are scammer or cheater ignore me
    Anti trade
    Invites are make to give free not to trade

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