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Thread: SEARCH: (private) tracker with Belgian/Dutch releases

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    Haai. I'm looking for a decent (private or public) tracker where Dutch and Belgian releases are posted. Especially releases (all if possible) from STELLA, like you can see here.

    Anyone who knows a decent torrent tracker with most of there releases? Would be really great! Reps for the one who knows one!

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    Alright, I've been looking around. Found a Dutch tracker witchtracker but they only do movies. When I checked the 'What Trackers are Worth' I dropped my eyes at BitMeTV. Given they have alot of TV series, a question for the members; do they only upload the series I saw in the trackers review post? Our can you request certain episodes/series?

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    There are no Dutch / Belgium releases on Bitmetv. I've been searching my ass off for Dutch tv-rips like the ones listed at

    If anyone could help these nice Dutch guys out :-)


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