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Thread: Wat The Hell Is Goin On?

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    k tried to make a new partition on the hard drive to back everything up....but it ran into a problem when copying. afterwards kazaa lite folder is very odd....there are a number of new folders with names like:

    __S @_.o

    and a bunch of other weird crap like that...when i try to get into them it says that the file does not exsist...when i try to delete them it says "cannot delete file: file system error (1026)"

    tried going thru dos but same problem....and apparantly the kazaa lite folder is now 110GB, even tho my harddrive is only 60

    if ne1 could help itd be much appreciated

    fyi: windows 98, amd athlon 1800xp, 512mb sdram, 60gig h.d.

    thx in advance

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    It's called- Major Corruption! You or the PC have screwed up big time. You can try c:>chkdsk /r to attempt some recovery but I suspect you'll now be reinstalling everything. Multiple hard drives and CD backups are a must. Believe the warnings partition magic gives you next time.

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    Does sound corrupt, though if not...
    You may have to disable the System Restore in your windows prior to deleating these files, it appears your computer may be infected.

    Hope it helps.

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    Hey I think I actually know how to delete those folders. You can't (In Win9x) have a folder with the files name starting with an underscore ( this thing: _ )

    In order to do that, you gotta rename em, but Windows wont let you right? I made a post a long time ago on how to lock folders using this trick, check This Topic and read under "how to unlock". Might help...

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    ok i ran scandisk from dos and it found a number of corrupt files in kazaalite and netscape....both folders are now empty. but now under the c drive there are a number of folders called dir0001...up to dir00011. they contain stuff from netscape and kazaa...should i just delete them?

    also under the c are 113 files named file00001.chk and so on. wats up with these?

    thx a lot for ur help guys

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    Those are chunks of files recovered by checkdisk( I hope that's what you ran? )

    if you aren't familiar with reassembling files then they are all likely trash.

    If any of those are parts of your OS then you really should bite the bullet and reinstall. You'll never know if it was a security file or what. It could leave you wide open.


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