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    i dled a movie and it turned out to be a .mkv file. how do i go about burnign that to a dvd? usually, i just have to drag the file to toast ( im a mac user ) and it auto converts it..but it wont do it this time any suggestions?

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    An MKV file is a Matroska file. Matroska is an open source container format. It is an alternative to the popular AVI and MP4 formats and it also surpasses them in many areas.
    Since matroska (mkv) is a rather exotic format, you will have to do the conversion in two steps. First you’ll have to convert the file to avi, then from there you can do your dvd authoring.
    For mkv the conversion tool of choice is virtualdubmod (not to be confused with plain old virtualdub).
    Once you open your file in virtualdubmod, pick direct stream copy for both audio and video (if it allows it) and save as an avi (that way you don’t have to do any recompression).

    VSO ConvertXtoDVD Guide

    How to convert AVI files (DivX, XviD etc.) to DVD with Avi2DVD (Avi2DVD supports MKV input)

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    thanks alot!!!!


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