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Thread: Free Kaspersky/AOL trial AV, need advice.

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    Hi. I want to get Kaspersky going on this computer, but have a problem. I found this link --> that shows a program called "active virus shield" that was offered earlier this year through AOL. They no longer let you "activate". I managed to download the program, but what will happen if I install it, and enter a key off the internet(assuming i have one, which i haven't found yet)? Will it work right, but not get the virus updates automatically? Cause I'm ok with that, as long as it works. Any links to a website where i could find a key would be helpful. This, as far as I know, is not considered "warez" because I'm looking for an unused legal key, not a cracked key.

    HEre's another discussion about it. >>

    also, how you get a kaspersky "coupon code"?

    Any posts are helpful thanks for reading.

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    AVS is over & won't update afaik.


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