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Thread: charlie wilsons war

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    damn good movie. of course tom hanks, doesnt make to many bad movies.
    they could've easily made this into a series of movies. they pretty much flew through the subject matter.

    i liked the humor in this movie.

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    i thought it was ok. philip's character was good, but c'mon... u can't really do much with this kind of movie, can u? 7/10
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    I give it an 8.1/10. It had great humor and the storytelling was superb.
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    Anyone else think Phillip Seymour Hoffman was just amazing in this? I'm thinking he should win for best supporting actor. Just a stunning actor in my opinion, though maybe not quite star material.
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    nice to watch

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    ...and the irony once we "won" the war.

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    We did "win" the war. Funding the jawas fight against the soviets contributed to the collapse of the soviet union. Also, the book was much better than the movie. So0o0 much was left out.

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    I like it 2

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    I'm going to go see this today. I like alot of the people in it, and the subject matter, but i wonder how funny this guys antics can really be with the knowledge it led to 9/11, Iraq, perhaps some further blowback yet to come... Tragicomedy i guess.

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    The whole movie could have been said in one sentence.
    but the secretaries where funny so 10/10...

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