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Thread: Freddy Vs Jason

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    Anyone have freddy vs jason yet on divx or mpg? please post if so

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    not out yet if it aint on vcdquality it aint out normally

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    God dam noobies expect evrything..

    it's not until August 15th USA August 22nd UK.. come back then..

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    and its provably gona suck ass
    [ gs removed the sig, it was 1455.14 KB lol ]

    HELL YEAH!!!!!!

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    May 2003
    4 reel yo it looks gay as shit

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    naw, no reason ta bash on this movie. I'm a horror fanatic, i will agree it probably wont live up to my expectations but it should be a great movie anyhow. I mean the 2 best horror flick stars goin at each other...what more could ya want?

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    I think it would kinda be funny if at the end of the movie, Michael Meyers shows up and like kills them both. It would be a big plot twister.


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