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Thread: Magic

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    Anyone have any of the Magic: The Gathering novels (post sig2dat), and/or does anyone know which ones are the best?

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    i seriously can't be the only kid that's aware of these books........

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    No, but you're likely the only one trying to find them.

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    just buy the book its worth it I buy all my magic books at borders for 8 dollars with tax

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    yes but i have no $$................

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    Yeah, I also would like these as well, I'd buy them but they don't sell them here in Thailand, plus I have no credit card to order them only source of books is from u guys

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    i got 6 of them, but i havent checked them out yet, but they seem good. ill post the hash things if you want me to / tell me how

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    Theres a pinned topic in MusicWorld/Movieworld about hopt to post verified hashes...very detailed and step by step, I'd tell u but I myself have to refer back to it when I post a verified. Please take a look...

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    I know of a great one called Arena. The main character is Garth, a one-eyed bada**. It's one of my favorite books but the only of the magic the gathering series I've read. It's well worth it!!!


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