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Thread: what is IRC ???

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    as far as I know they do not have an official IRC channel

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    so how can i contact them.
    my account had been disable for no reason.

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    it`s a little tricky. A lot of accounts have been disabled. Probably for hit and run. They announced on news.php that hit and run will be punished severely, and the accts will be directly disabled.

    Inactivity of your account (0 up/ 0 down) leads to disable too.

    You can give me your username here and i`ll try to talk with someone from their staff but I can`t guarantee that would help too much.
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    thanks for the help.
    i think i was disable because of hit and run.
    i didn't no they r so strict about it.
    never mind thanks for the help.

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    I too got my account disabled yesterday. I don't know why. Sure my ratio is not that high about .66-.70 but I have been downloading free leech stuff most of the time. I don't know where to contact them

    Could I get my account reenabled? I am not a hit and run type as you can see in my other account in moviex. I just love cuz it is much faster than the others

    my username is epiquestions

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    my account just got disabled too!!! why!!! my ratio is like 1.5 with 120 gbs downloaded. please talk to them about my account enabled i love torrentbits i need my account back. i might have stopped a few torrents but i intended to seed them later i wasn't trying to hit and run. if you could please talk to them about it that would be amazing my user name it thekuhlle.

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    Can someone talk with the admins of about my account too? Or at least give me a way to talk with them personal. They deleted my account for no reason in my opinion. I had a ratio >2. Just couldn't stay all day long to seed because of my school. But when I'm home I usually let my pc open for seed. Username: blackspirit. Thanks.

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