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Thread: Searching for people using their email address

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    How can I find more informatoin regarding a person if I have his yahoo or hotmail email address?

    Can I find out a person's address, registration details and his internet browsing habbits?

    Just wondering if its possible to do so.


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    not rly, only thing you can try is googling it, if he registered to a forum or something and left some information...

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    If he has a yahoo email, can't I even search using Yahoo People search?

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    487 lol..... in reality you can type an email address in myspace, and actually find out alot about the person.

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    well not everyone has myspace

    try myspace, facebook, hi5, nexopia, xaga, etc, idk if they all let you search by email, but you can try

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    yup looking on social networking sites is your best bet. or you could just try emailing them and asking..
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