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Thread: Basic Usenet Questions

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    I just have some basic questions about Usenet...

    1. Can people over multiple IPs use a single Usenet service? I understand the connection max is in place, but can people still use it over multiple IPs?

    2. Are all Usergroups dedicated to a single service, or are they throughout all services. By that I mean, will 1 service have all the exact same usergroups as another service?

    3. What is the best place for a usenet service? I am using the free trial at GigaNews and I like it, though I'm wondering if there's a better place as well.

    4. How do you post stuff (files and text) to usergroups?

    5. How do you create a new usergroup?


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    The following providers seem more suited to your needs, especially the first. -- Better in my opinion, havent tried it personally though. ~$15...10mbits speed/100days
    Search RS: Click
    To get the latest scene releases on RS with good pre-times goto:
    Alt.Binz 0.28.2
    For an organised list of NZB searching and indexing sites go here -> Click Me...4 N.Z.B. rhymes
    For latest goals goto:
    To stream sports goto


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