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Thread: plzzz read it don't be angry....

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    I am sorry for what i have done before so plzzz forgive me as i am a rookie so forgive me plzzzz

    i am only requesting all FST members plzzz can anybody invite me to iplay or tti because they are having a good speed and 0 day scene tooo and have a nice staff tooo and want to collect all type of hd-movies from there so plzzz if anybody can invite me to this tracker and i AM SORRY FOR WHAT EVER I HAVE DONE BEFORE PLzzz.... FORGIVE Me
    IF i get btmusic invite i will leave trading.

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    and what have you done?

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    read the rules friend!!!!
    canc your user from the img!!!!!
    FTN e SCT

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    and why you wanna for example me to invite you in iPLAY for ex i see that you are trader and that you are looking for them to collect only as i see how can u say that community is good that you are not even romanian and iPLAY is romanian tracker and do you understand romanian lang....and as i see from ur sig ur speedtest is poor and ur proofs are not good enough for me to invite u in iPLAy and u wanna that tracker because of good speed as i see you have poor speed and why u wanna tracker with great speeds?
    and i think that you wanna iPLAY only because it is an "high" level tracker huh?
    and how abt that 10MB/s upload n 1TB HD collection

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    what you did?

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    Plus, with that speed you'll get a DVDR per year? And since you like HD, I will say you need like 2 years to download the thing

    Btw: What have you done man? I forgive you

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    Don't u said in other thread that u had 10mb of upload and 5mb of download?

    And that u have 1tb of movies? for upload at some sites?

    You just say plzzz give me that, invite me to that. Just for what? Collecting?

    I really don't understand you man.

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    He got banned on another forum for being a scammer. So be careful guys.

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    Thatīs why I donīt believe in ratio proofs, speed tests and all that stuff.

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    .... So your asking for forgiveness in being a scammer. Already a known collector, trader and now liar and now you want us to give you invites? This kind of pleading is just childish, and you will never get free invites here with an attitude like that.

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