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Thread: Request: Sharing A Rapidshare Account

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    There are a lot of things I can't find on the torrent sites I have, and they're all on rapidshare . Also the speeds are super fast plus it's safe, so I'd like to have someone share their account with me.

    I don't download that much because most everything I have is on torrents. I'll download some small applications I can't find which won't take up even 1 gigabyte of bandwith, and a few movies I can't find (Such as Final Fantasy Advent Children Ultimate Edition), and since it's all on rapidshare it's always rips.

    I won't change the password or screw around with the account. And if you get rapidshare accounts by uploading, I'll help you. I have a decent upload speed and a lot of HD space to download. And I'll upload a LOT.

    I used to share rapidshare accounts with my friend, but he moved and we kinda stopped talking. (Which is why I went to torrents). But I miss some of the files and the speed.

    PM me. Thanks.


    No this isn't a bittorrent invite, but I don't exactly know where to put it, because this is the only request section.

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    Moved to the correct section then..

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    Oh. Well this was a request so I thought that'd be a good section.


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    Ill share my premium account as I dont use it that often,.. Not sure how to do this, you can pm me for info we can work out a share arrangement.. only with 1 or 2 other person please.

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    i can share as well. nice give away u got there in the invites section..please don't leave us man

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    Truthfully , I never use torrents, or any public access.. Who wants anyone to see what is on there computer or what they are shearing.. I like the idea of privacy and that worth alot to me.. Free filesharing is ok if you cant afford 10.00 per month or 20.00 per month and have no choice and like risks, or dont care about "THE MAN" watching you, but it's not for me .. If anyone is interested in where to go for links i use , this is the best palace i have found because the links are fresh, in category's and u can find just about anything and its private and fully search able and the most important, if the website goes down or the links get whacked by say a forum moderator it gets picked up by the search engine and is made public there.. just my 2 cents..

    Isint sharing wonderful..

    : )

    Its amazing.. im sure their are others but i find this one to be the most useful.

    Maybe you can share your favorite here??

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    @cordless :- Sharing is definitely good and encouraged.

    But i would still warn you to choose ur members carefully. I did same thing 4-5 months back..and the person stole my account (i.e changed ID,Pass @ Email )
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    can someone plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz share his acc with me ? i will give him my cell no, house address nething he needs to trace me INCASE HE THINKS i will change his pass .. so that he can come to my house and beat the hell outta me .. that's HOW much honest i am .. can someone plzzzz share with me ?? i need to download some really rare songs and movies and my net sucks also use SHARED ip .. i can dl without prem. acc ..

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    Be careful sharing RS accnts. Take my word for it.

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    id be careful with that too - a rapidshare account doesnt cost that much. join up with a friend and share the expense

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