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Thread: Plz Help Me To Find The Real Mafia Or

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    hi there, i want to play a game (LOL) and i realised that it would be either mafia or splinter cell....

    i would be grateful if you could tell me the real files for any of those tow game or both would be even better....

    i understand that there are those cd1 and cd2 etc etc files but have u seen their sizes... they are too large for me to download...

    plz could someone tell me the real files for those games (but not those cd1's and 2's)


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    Yes i can tell you the REAL sizes of both of those games....both games have 3 CDs....and i have not seen a RIP or Mafia or Splinter Cell.

    So if you cant download 3 CDs then save your money and buy them


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