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Thread: Cant Download On Other Site

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    Hi all, Several of you have recommened that you go to suprnova to d/l a certain file. however when ever I try I get this problem. On being in their site, when trying to download a windows box comes up with Cant find C:\dcuments and settings packard bell\localsettings\temorary internet. Now I dont know what this means or why this is comming up.
    Also I want to have any D/L put onto my other hard drive. Can you assist. The download always seems to pick this place out. So where can I find this set up it is trying to goto and cahnge it. Once I can do it then I will have it available for Kaza



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    when u click 2 dl, when the box shows, u just move the mouse 2 the folder u wanna save in, i allso use an external hd 2 save my files, its as simple as that m8


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