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Thread: newzbin question.

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    Since reading this forum I have heard a few people mention newzbin. I also know that since switching to sabnzbd, I can use a firefox extension to make downloading a file, checking and repairing if needed, un raring, cleaning up, and placing file where I want it a one click thing. I went to their site and it needs an invite to get in, and also looks to be a pay site. I did not see any info on how much it costs. My question is, is it a good site, how much is it, and is it worth it? Also, how does one get an invite?

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    is a commercial site. They are the 'inventors' of the nzb format/protocol. It's very reasonable price wise, generally around 50cents a week, although they do run half price sales, particularly at the end of the year.

    All (or mostly all) usenet files are vacuumed up and edited manually, for maximum usability and types, and the resulting nzb's (and nfo's if available) can be d/l'ed directly to your machine.

    Of course, lots of sites do that as well (including this one), but the number of folks doing the manual labor is pretty high; however, there are lots that they do miss, which is why I still do header d/l's of my 'favorite' groups to keep a 'practiced eye' on things. But it gets 90+% of things.

    Plus of course keep an eye on what sites like this one manage to collect as well; in fact, I think that here is pretty good, getting things that NEWZBIN misses.

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    Would you mind sending me an invite? I want to check it out.

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    is there ne chance of getting an invite into newsbin? ne 1 thx if possible

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    From my understanding of the situation,
    They went with invites because of a number of people using fake or stolen credit card information to buy credits. Anyone that a user invites, they are responsible for that in if there is a problem both accounts will be canceled. On the other hand if that person that is invited turns out to be a good customer, there is a reward system for the inviter in the way of free credits to the site.

    I don't think it'll be impossible to get an invite here,
    but you'll need more than a few days with as many post as I can count on one hand.

    There was a recent price increase.
    The current going rate is about $.60 USD a week.

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    If nebody could send me an invitation too that would be great. Its been a long time i logged in newzbin. Now, i need an invitation for the new version of newzbin. let me know if you could, thanks

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    Getting in the line for a invitation myself :-)

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    this forum is still alive right ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cupideus View Post
    this forum is still alive right ?
    It died just because you want an invite.

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    FWIW, I find myself in need of a newzbin invitation. I would appreciate any help in that regard. Thank you.

    FWIW, I find myself in need of a newzbin invitation. I would appreciate any help in that regard. Thank you.
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