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Thread: For trade?

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    Hey everyone,
    I have invites to TD and ST available. I have an amazing ratio with both these trackers, and have been an established member for quite a while.

    I'm looking for invites to either waffles, BitemeTV, or TheDVDclub

    I have traded successfuly here in the past, but lost my account here due to inactivity. I was too busy building my ratio on the sites i was already a member of.
    Please do not message me if you have been kicked off these sites in the past, or if you use a proxy to circumvent a previous ban.
    I'v worked hard to achieve and maintain my accounts, and I expect the same from my invitees.
    PM me if interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeddyz View Post
    I'm looking for invites to either waffles, BitemeTV, or TheDVDclub
    to get bitmetv with td or st it's very difficile but good luck
    If you are scammer or cheater ignore me
    Anti trade
    Invites are make to give free not to trade

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    I'm willing to do a 2-for-1 if needed. I have invites to both TL and Piesexy, but neither are allowing new members right now.


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