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Thread: 1 Waffles Invite.

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    I'm offering an invite to the user who can show they'll actually contribute to the site. I want screenshots of three things:

    1. Uploaded torrents

    2. Ratio proof

    3. Profile page

    Then, tell me why you want it. No essays.

    You can PM your screen shots if you're not comfortable posting them here. If you post them here, hide your email, IP, etc. I only need to see your user name and number of torrent/forum posts. Only PM your screen shots -- make your request here. If you include your request in the PM, you're out.

    No whining, no begging.

    Also, it would really help if you spoke proper English. Sorry if that sounds insensitive.
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    If your waffles invite is still up for grabs I'm definately interested.
    I'v been looking for a good alternative since OiNK. (RIP)
    I'm into transfers from vinyl, and .flac. Also, rare jazz and blues has been extremely difficult to find as of late.
    If those are available on waffles, that would be awesome!
    I have sent you a link to the screenshot. Let me know if you need anything else.
    Thanks for your generosity


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