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Thread: Help On How To Make A Vcd

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    ok i have down loaded a few films in fact 23 and my hard drive is getting full up so i need to learn how to make a vcd so i can watch them on my dvd player also have no idea how to de-code them so whats the best why and with what program

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    3,597 checkout the how to's and if you still don't get it they have excellent help in the forums.

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    cheers look like a good starting point but i need to make room on my hard drive is it ok to make data cd of my films so i can make room first ?

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    If you can afford them all or if you have a lot of empty rewriteables. Some DVD players actually won't play VCD/CD but will play VCD/CDRW so you might have to invest in some anyway.

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    Some of your films will probably be ready to burn to vcd.
    Any ones that are in mpeg format will most likely be okay to burn as vcd straight away.

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    ok thanks for the info but i know this may sound daft but how do i tell what format there in if i open the folder goto properties in the type of file is microsoft video or divx video file so how can i define them ?

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    .mpg is the video cd format.

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    A good program to use is TMPGEnc Plus available at this link Click on other in the download section and you should be able to see it listed among a lot of other useful programs.

    Hope this helps.

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    funny thing, i learned how to make perfect vcds all in one day (today).

    download TMPGEnc as Gooch2k suggested, then download (or use if you already have it) nero burning rom (i use 5 which i downloaded earlier).

    load up TMPG and select your file format weather you want a VCD or SVCD (VCD is slightly less quality but you can fit however many minutes onto the disc as it states (either 75 or 80)). SVCD makes the mpeg into better quality (i think) but lets you use up more time, like, i tryed to convert a 23 minute movie into SVCD format and it said it would take up to 50 mins on my disc, so its best to stick with VCD.

    start to convert the AVI files to mpeg (or whatever else you have), what happens if the files are already mpeg, go straight into nero, load up VCD settings, i dont know all the details on tweeking it to work, but you can make cool menus and stuff. easy. ask around some more on what to do after you have converted the files. (i read in the guide pinned at the top that it takes about double the time of the movie to convert it (movie = 5 mins convert = 10 mins)

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    thanks everyone but still at a lost with what format my movies are in right now toodiscool said that mpg is the format i want but i still cant find out what format there in now as i said before when i click on the movie folder goto properties and goto file info all i get is what will play them ie windows media player or diva player so how can i find out what format there in before i start to convert them to mpg'sI did download the program as someone said to do but when i try to load a film to convert it all it says is

    "file":\My shared folder\[tmd]x-men.2(centropy).ts.(2of2).avi" can not be open, or unsupported

    so where do i go from there


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