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Thread: Riaa Protects Itself Against Hackers

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    Obviously embarrassed by the numerous successfull hacking attacks made against their website, RIAA has recently upgraded their Web servers to stop it from happening again.

    According to Netcraft RIAA first upgraded to Windows Server 2003 and IIS 6.0 in June, then quickly masked the operating system to "unknown", and finally, earlier this week, changed their Web server to "TST-SECURE-OS", which The Register suspects is just a modified IIS 6.0.

    It'll be interesting to see how long RIAA manages to keep hackers away this time. It has, after all, been a school holiday season.

    The Register

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    About f'cking time. I've been waiting for months to see 'em finally do something smart. Although, Windows 2003 may not be the best of choices out there, seeing as how its A) Made by Microsoft, and B) still in its infanthood, and C) see A...

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    Resistance is Futile...

    Looks like they got raped again, screen shot taken on July 28, 12:47am

    lamers go to hell

    Good job hackers


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