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Thread: Sims: Hot Date No Cd Crack Fo Xp

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    Are any of the Kazaa Sims Hot Date no-cd cracks for Windows XP? If not where can I find one?

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    I've tried both sites, and the cracks don't seem to work. I assume the don't work on XP, because old games never seem to work with XP. (but it could be that I installed no-cd cracks for both The Sims and Livin Large).

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    The Sims Hot Date isn't that Multiple expansion pack games are a little weird for no cd cracks. You have to get the one for the last xpack you installed I believe.

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    If you downloaded the CDs have you look in the Image most cases the Legit Crack is placed on the Image,,,but you need ISO Buster to find and extract it


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