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Thread: Warcraft Iii Frozen Throne Ques

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    ummm the full game file is about 500mbz im correct right? ... are hte 100mb files legit too?... since im seeing alot of those n therez one of those in


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    I don't know but a full image is around 450 mb. It might be a rip or somethin. But a rip of Blizzard games is such a shame. They have some of the best cg artists.

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    o well... havent got a source yet ... lol.... for the 500mb one.... n biotorrent seems a bit slow...

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    check out this rom site theres thousands there for tons of emulators
    you can only go to the forum right now because my cousin is remaking its look but check back on it in a while and youll love it man its awesome!!! there using like 700mb right now of space and ya its real awesome plus they have link downloads for the big ones that are like huge and crap so well thats about it check it out i make the flash for the site

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    That has nothing to do with what he was asking. If your going to spam your site at least spam it in a relevant thread


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