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    Hi all

    I have some Invite and account for Give Away

    **** 1 invite
    lm 3 invite
    PP 1 invite
    waffles 1 invite
    s********* 1 invite 4 invite
    learnbits 2 invite
    scenefz 1 invite

    brokenstones account wiht 200 mg buffer + 16 weeks old
    acid-lounge account wiht 50 giga buffer 32 weeks old
    filelist account fresh 34 weeks old
    mma-tracker account wiht 4 giga buffer 18 weeks old

    1: speed test and 2 ratio proofs
    2: plz no trade account
    3 plz no pm

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    I would love that waffles! I have, but the speeds are very slow and it' damn hard to seed there, plus, it's missing many torrents I like.

    You asked for 2, but I have 4 screens now soooo: x)

    TL: - TL is down for today




    I think I'm a good sharer and a good BT user.

    I will have to stop my uploads from uTorrent to do the test, and the speed tests from speedtest are not right for my countru (gives lower values). I have a 24Mbps/1Mbps but the real speed is 1.3MB/s DOWN and 110KB/s UP. But I'll do it

    Speed test coming staright away!

    EDIT: Here you go:

    But I have a much better upload speed than what it says there...

    If u need more proofs I can give you with no problem at all! Really. I'm a music loooover and would love so much be part of waffles too!

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    I would very much like an invite to waffles.

    With oink and demonoid gone, I did the best I could as far as ratios:

    *** redacted ***

    Admittedly, I'm not as deserving as the others, given their ratio proofs and speedtests, but these two sites are pretty much all I have left and am somewhat desperate to find a new source for music.
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    far away from jelly
    Quote Originally Posted by Mello23 View Post
    Hi Gays

    what a way to start it off. lol

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    in World

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    Quote Originally Posted by aysomc View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Mello23 View Post
    Hi Gays

    what a way to start it off. lol

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    May i have s********** please,thanks in advance

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    this giveaway is only for those with that sexual orientation ?!
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    Without good, original content, a tracker is nothing but a lonely teenage boy's chatroom.

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