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Thread: Spybot 1.2 Question

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    Hey all I use spybot s & d and I have been doing some registry tweeks on here. Every time I run spybot I keep comming up with my registry changes I have made. How do I exclude these changes from popuping up every time I run spybot.I cant figure this one out....

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    i had da same question i think
    like in adaware 6.0 u can add certain entries u dun wanna delete to the ignore list....isn that possible in spybot s&d as well ??

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    First, make sure you're running Spybot in Advanced Mode.
    When it's done scanning and it shows the problems, click once and highlight the key(s) you wish to exclude, then
    click the 'Description Of This Product' button at the bottom.
    On the description screen there is an 'Exclude From Searches' button at the top. Click it once, then go back to results.
    You may have to click on the S&D button on the toolbar after that to get back to your results. Make sure to uncheck the
    box (of course) next to the RegKeys you want to leave, then Fix the Problems.

    It shouldn't find the regkeys you selected on any scans after that.
    If you don't have the Advanced Mode icon for some reason, just create a shortcut to C:\Program Files\Spybot Search & Destroy\

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    That did it Sparsley. I didnt have the advanced button so I created a shortcut and ran the scan again. It worked great.

    Thanks man...


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